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OTFJAX's first charity efforts were always about connecting the community with local charities.  Giving local charities a platform to be able to get their message to a broader audience.  Most initial efforts were through workout events dubbed "Charity Burns".  To date, OTFJax has supported over 100 Charity Burns for various local charities in the Jacksonville area.  The accomplishments from OTF below continued to feed into the dream of a fully recognized non profit to accomplish the same.

  • Our first partnership was a membership drive, where for each new membership purchased we made a donation on behalf of that new member.  
  • Our first 5K featured 5 local charities, again connecting small local charities with people who could carry their message to others.  
  • Our first event was a gala which gave hope to a local woman with ALS, but raised money for a national organization fighting ALS.
  • Our first disaster efforts allowed us to connect OTF members who had severe hurricane damage with other members who had equipment and/or people to help.

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