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Noelle Hikes Again

Support Noelle as she tackles the amazing 25 mile hike through the Enchantments in Washington this summer.  We love what Rescue Freedom does in the fight against human trafficking!

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Villages of Hope

Healing Tides Cottage

Healing Tides Cottage


Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world, and we are determined to do something about it! I hope you will consider supporting us as we partner with Awakenings, Grace Ministries, and others to open the first North Florida Tiny Home Village for survivors of Human Trafficking.

Healing Tides Cottage

Healing Tides Cottage

Healing Tides Cottage


AWAKENINGS HOUSE is a private and sober living home for women.  Partnering with Connection to Hope,  they are piloting a new home with tailored services for survivors of human trafficking.  Joining the Thistle Farms national network ensures a model of success and support.

SALT Ministries, Inc.

Healing Tides Cottage

SALT Ministries, Inc.


SALT Ministries, Inc. supports missionaries in Chiangmai, Thailand.  Their ministry is to plant and serve  local churches, day care centers, and a home for orphaned or impoverished hill tribe children.

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Every woman should have a safe place to live, to be connected with a community of care and be loved

Every dollar raised will be applied toward acquiring our permanent property to be called Village of Hope!

The Problem: The National Human Trafficking Hotline operated by Polaris Project logged 28,335 victim calls in 2018. According to Shared Hope International, 767 human sex trafficking cases were reported in Florida during the same time frame. Jacksonville is on the map as the city hosting the third most cases of human sex trafficking in the state of Florida, while Florida is ranked third for cases of human sex trafficking in our country. We know that sex trafficking is a major epidemic in our world and in our country, and now we know that it is a problem in North East Florida (NEFL) and in our own city of Jacksonville. Those trying to escape sexual exploitation and trafficking situations often find themselves living in poverty, forced to stay in potentially unsafe shelters which cycle back to a life on the streets to survive. Organizations exist in NEFL that fill the safe housing gap, but very few are dedicated to survivors of human sex trafficking or offer the 2-year program needed for healing and a return to society. 

The History: Awakenings House has traditionally operated homes for drug and alcohol rehabilitation and has found that the complex trauma created by sexual exploitation has inhibited their residents from the healing that they need. By partnering with others in the human trafficking rehabilitation community, Awakenings House has begun to pilot a new home aligned with trauma-based programming, changing history.

The Short-Term Solution: Awakenings House has a new home located in St. Augustine, FL, that will initially house four women for a six- to nine-month pilot period. Surrounding these four women with a safe and secure environment gives them the time they need to regain dignity and begin healing. The pilot program is modeled after Thistle Farms, a successful human trafficking rehabilitation program in Nashville, TN, that has been championing the cause for 21 years. Awakenings House is proud to be classified as a sister organization to Thistle Farms and has complete access to their programming resources. Feedback from the residents participating in our pilot will be used to develop and implement a comprehensive two-year, rent-free program in Jacksonville.

The Vision: Our long-term vision is much bigger! We have plans to purchase land and develop a tiny home village where the number of residents seeking help will not be limited to one safe home, but we will be able to house many more in a sustainable safe house community. We have plans to create or partner with a social justice enterprise to reduce the need for long-term funding and dependence on donations. The beauty of using tiny homes is that they allow for gradual program expansion on one plot of land, in one community, unifying our efforts as opposed to operating in various locations around town. The two-year, rent-free program will give residents an initial six months of time dedicated to rest, a year of life skills and career training and restoration of their lives, and a final six months to prepare to reintegrate and reconnect with society, armed with emotional health and employable skills, ultimately decreasing recidivism. Our measure of success will be the number of women who complete the program who are able to obtain the three things that prevent them from returning to a life at risk of human trafficking: housing, employment, and transportation.

Spring Gala DELAYED

Spring Gala DELAYED

More Facts on Human Trafficking


Slavery is NOT a thing of the past

Did you know there are more slaves in the world today than at any other time in history? Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world, and we are determined to do something about it! I hope you will consider supporting us as we come together and hike for FREEDOM! We are partnering with Rescue Freedom International because we love the work they are doing around the world to bring hope and healing to those in slavery.


Would you Know it?

Sex trafficking is a booming industry in America. It thrives because there is a serious demand for commercial sex with minors. Every day in America, children are being bought and sold for sex. And they are waiting for you to notice. But would you know it if you saw it?


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