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Welcome to Healing Tides

Every woman should have a safe place to live, to be connected with a community of care and be loved unconditionally.

Our mission  is to provide a sanctuary, a place of refuge, healing and restoration to women seeking a life free from trafficking, prostitution and addiction.

Trauma-Informed Care

Survivor-Led Solutions

Survivor-Led Solutions


A woman’s experience of trauma impacts every area of functioning, including physical, mental, behavioral, and social.  Whether addressing addiction, prostitution, or other issues, trauma-based solutions must be at the heart of all our practices.

Survivor-Led Solutions

Survivor-Led Solutions

Survivor-Led Solutions


Survivor-led practices ensure women can heal and recover at their own pace with the best possible care.  Solutions created & implemented by other survivors are vital to ensuring that the programs we offer will truly meet the needs of our residents.

Time & Space to Heal

Survivor-Led Solutions

Time & Space to Heal


Our pilot home will offer 6-12  months of rent-free living with daily programs to promote healing & restoration.  Healing Tides Cottage will be a home of grace and unconditional love.

We Need Your Help

Do You Have Questions?

Time & Space to Heal


Whether you have a skill or talent to share or want to make a monetary donation, we need your help!

Opened in 2019

Do You Have Questions?

Do You Have Questions?


Our home is secured, our partnership with Thistle Farms' programming model is solid, we are taking this leap of faith and welcoming four women into our home!

Do You Have Questions?

Do You Have Questions?

Do You Have Questions?


Click on the link below for our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Since the Home is in St. John's County, will that mean all serviced will be hosted from St. John's C

Our plan is to continue to look for property to build a long-term solution in Duval County.  Since the need is so great, we decided to not delay the pilot program and begin to offer services on a smaller scale.  This allows us to design programming & begin providing much needed homes immediately.

Will Awakenings House convert their current home to a home for survivors of trafficking?

Awakenings House does not intend to stray from their current focus on helping women recovering from substance abuse in a safe environment.  This new project in partnership with Connections 2 Hope and Thistle Farms will add a new home, with a primary focus on trauma-based care alongside substance abuse.

Do you offer services for men/boys?

At this time, our safe home will only be for women, as women make up the majority of victims of sex trafficking.

What age will you accept?

The minimum age to enter the home will be 18, as we are not a qualified foster care in the state of Florida.

How does Healing Tides Cottage relate to Tiny Home Village?

Healing Tides is our pilot program with a goal to continue working on our larger vision of opening a full-scale tiny home village where hundreds of women may find the same services.  Our 6-month goal is to open our first home and model the long-term practices that will be incorporated into our village.

How do women apply? / What is your selection process?

Applicants will be interviewed for their readiness to begin the long process of healing and restoration.  We will work with multiple agencies across NE Florida to identify women who are seeking a program that will offer them a respite from society so they can focus on their internal healing and then prepare for the education and skills to re-enter society.

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